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 pm to the wrong person

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PostSubject: pm to the wrong person   Thu Apr 22 2010, 15:12

I obviously made a mistake somewhere along the way I sent a pm ment for oddy and was wondering who got it instead , its baffling me I remember typing it up and to send a pm is fairly straight forward some how rolloxed it up , of course i cleared all ny message boxes and have no record of it or were it went . Any takers lads ??????????
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PostSubject: Re: pm to the wrong person   Thu Apr 22 2010, 15:31

go back into your PM section and there is 2 headings send and outbox just delete it fro in here

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PostSubject: Re: pm to the wrong person   Thu Apr 22 2010, 17:42

I cant go back because i completely empitied all the boxes ,after a few messages once ive read them i delete them i do the same with the phone its my own fault . Not to worry thanks anyway Tom .
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PostSubject: Re: pm to the wrong person   

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pm to the wrong person
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