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 slider tactics

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I don't post much

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PostSubject: slider tactics   Fri Jun 11 2010, 09:09

Im heading to a local water which can have good head of bream,Goin use the slider,Alot of boys are arguing about different ways to plumb the depth,one way is to plumb up with the the float shotted,the other way is to plumb up without the shot,which i would agree,it would give a better reading,If you had the float shotted and you were over depth,you would never know how much you are actually overdepth,Alot of the top match men do it different ways.What do you's think!
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Carp Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: slider tactics   Sat Jun 12 2010, 01:13

Heavy plummet, no shot, adjust stop knot depth untill correct depth is found then shot afterwards.
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Carp Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: slider tactics   Sat Jun 12 2010, 05:28

group all the shots first, just after that small swivel who connect the main line with hook line and use heavy plummet(cork bottom type)....like that you will be always exact because between plummet and your shots you have just hook length and you never can do unright measurements !!!after you find the deep just lift up the shoots how you like!!lifting main group of shots upper and upper will increase the sensitivity of your float!!
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kevin o'connor
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PostSubject: Re: slider tactics   Sun Jun 13 2010, 04:22

If you google slider float fishing, you will find derections on how to use the float and how to set it. Some very good info. by Ian Heaps.
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PostSubject: Re: slider tactics   

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slider tactics
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