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 Bait clear out

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PostSubject: Bait clear out   Thu Apr 18 2013, 07:59

Clearing out the Fridge Lads
All in 1 Kilo bags

Catcher Baits, all 6 euros
24kg x liver supreme in 18mm
21kg x Big Red in 18mm
11kg x Scopex and Lamprey in 18mm
3kg x Crab and fruit in 18mm

CCMoores, N-Gage and Odyssey XXX 8 euros , Meteor and Odyssey 7 euros
10kg x N-Gage xp in 18mm
2kg x N-Gage xp in 14mm
4kg x Meteor in 18mm
5kg x Meteor in 14mm
7kg x Odyssey XXX in 18mm.... sold....
2kg x Odyssey XXX in 14mm
10kg x Odyssey in 18mm

Heathrow Baits all 7.50 euros
3kg x Red Indian x 14mm
4kg x Supa Stench x 14mm
7kg x Supa Stench x 18mm
6kg x Oyster Cranberry x 18mm
8kg x Oyster Cranberry x 14mm

Have also baits dips and pop ups to match most of them.

First man across the line with cash , wins.

Irish number 0879661167
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Bait clear out
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