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 A visit.

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Top Specimen Hunter

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PostSubject: A visit.   Tue Jun 21 2016, 03:24

Mmmm,not been here for a while,Just rub this sign,Oh Carpfishing Ireland.Place hasn't changed much....needs a good hoover.Cobwebs all over the place.Bit of an echo too.Plenty of old ghosts movin about,hup there goes pat mac talkin to himself as usual.Off in the distance I can hear an argument....Nothin new there.writing on the wall "Little fisherman was here"..wonder what happened him?..Still the emoticons are happy to be movin around,jumpin up an down,poor guy hasn't waved his LOL card for quite some time.So cant hang about too long=nowone here.Wheres the door;yea here we are.One last look at the ol place......What?...whats that?...Turn the lights off?....OK.
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I don't post much

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PostSubject: Re: A visit.   Wed Jul 27 2016, 05:27

Hi Mike....hope all is well...a lot of ghosts floating around these old sites allright !!! Guess everybody's fishing or Facebooking !!!
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I'm getting into posting

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PostSubject: Re: A visit.   Fri Sep 23 2016, 10:30

I think we will live to regret moving to facebook , FTI seems to have dissappeared altogether , a real shame if all the info gets lost.

watch out for zombies affraid
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Top Specimen Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: A visit.   Sun Sep 25 2016, 03:25

it`s like the hotel in the shinning...... lol!

Irish number 0879661167
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PostSubject: Re: A visit.   

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A visit.
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